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Empowering today's youth while shaping a brighter future for agriculture 

Canva Sensory Garden
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The Farmyard opened in 2016 and quickly became one of the community's favorite spots. Visitors fell in love with the animals and became eager to learn more about their favorite Farmyard friends. Over the years, many events, classes, and programs have been done to teach our loyal visitors about the vital role agriculture plays in our lives. 

To learn more about The Farmyard, click the link above.

4-H is a national organization that provides youth with numerous opportunities to learn and grow. One of these programs is their lease program. This program gives hundreds of children across Maryland the chance to show and care for an animal. The Farmyard Friends Non-Profit is dedicated to providing youth the opportunity to lease an animal for their 4-H projects. Please contact us if you want to get your child involved or, visit the MD 4-H website, linked above.

In addition to empowering our youth through agriculture, we are also dedicated to helping to restore rare livestock. There are multiple breeds of rare livestock that are housed at The Farmyard. A portion of our proceeds will go towards the education, care, and restoration of these breeds. To learn more about rare and endangered livestock in the United States, visit the Livestock Conservancy website. Visit our Rare Breeds tab for more information about our organization and animals!


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